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Joe’s Bake Shop was established in 2022.

We are a family run business where we aim to please with all of our treats.
From huge stuffed cookies to gourmet cupcakes, delicious confections and specialty cakes for all occasions

Co-Owner Nicolette Jillson, used to watch many baking shows which sparked her interest in the baking world, it quickly became a hobby of hers. She started watching TV shows and writing down techniques and flavors that gave her inspiration. Then, started looking up YouTube videos to learn tips and tricks to learn how to bake and cake decorate at home.

Soon she started taking online courses on how to decorate, getting certified in cake and cupcake decorating.



In 2016, she started baking out of her home as a business.

She started baking for friends and family and any other events she could do.
This is what jump started her baking business for others not just her family and close friends.

In 2021, on a typical Monday night family dinner, her cousin Gate raved about her awesome treats she would always bring, which then lead to jokingly suggesting she should open a bakery and at that point her cousin asked his dad to help make this happen.

Now, finally Nicolette’s dream of a storefront in her hometown came to life with
the help of Co-Owners Gaten Jr. (her uncle) and Gaten (her cousin).

Our goal here at Joe’s is to give you a joyful experience.

When you step inside our bakery, we want you to feel transported to a place of happiness
where you feel like one of the family picking out delicious goodies for any event or sweet indulgence.

Only the Best

Gourmet Cupcakes

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Check back for Joe’s Bake Shop
, Autumn 2022!

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FOR YOUR special Event

We Do Custom Cakes

Would you like a one of a kind cake from Joe’s? Well now you can!
We do custom cakes for all occasions from weddings, birthdays, to anniversaries, baptisms & much more!
Click below for your very own custom Joe’s Design


Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 5pm
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am -5pm
Sunday: 8am – 3pm
Monday: Closed




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